Local Cigar Shop Marketing

Marketing for Honest & Hard-Working Cigar Store Owners

How You Become the Dominate Local Cigar Shop in Town:

  • Cigar Shop Marketing Focuses Solely on Internet Marketing for Local Cigar Shops: You get a company that is focused solely on what’s best for you!
  • We’ve extensively studied the Psychology behind what resources a cigar customer uses when searching for a cigar shop: You have to walk a mile in your customer’s shoes.
  • Our Systems place you Directly in Front of these customers in each of the most powerful locations they turn to for information: Everywhere they look – There You Are!!
  • You are Positioned in more (quantity) and better (quality) online locations than your competitors: Best of Both Worlds.
  • You become the Local Cigar Authority in the Customer’s Mind: This is the most powerful place to be positioned!
  • Your business increases while your competitor’s business decreases due to more customers choosing you instead of them: You are taking Market Share while they are losing it!
  • Over time, this Slight Edge keeps distancing you further and further from your competition until you are the Dominate Cigar Force in your geographic area: This is the Ultimate Goal!!

14 Cigar Shop Internet Marketing Systems for 1 Low Price:

  1. Your cigar shop internet marketing starts with 8 videos: We start your Cigar Shop Marketing by taking 8 videos of you answering specific commonly asked questions.
  2. Next we create a custom website and blog: A website and blog are built using proven Search Engine Optimization techniques from Day 1. Professional content will be written based on information specific to your cigar store.
  3. Your local areas most powerful keywords are researched and added: If you’re not targeting the right keywords, you’re wasting your time. A Very Common Mistake is to target the wrong keywords or none at all!
  4. Then, NAP consistency is researched: Your Name, Address and Phone # needs to be consistent in as many places as possible! This creates trust with the search engines and leads customers to the correct place.
  5. Submission to data providers: We manually submit your business information to the most important data providers to get Local Search Engine Optimization started.
  6. Next, a PPC campaign is set up to start generating immediate traffic: The local and organic listings take time to be properly indexed by the search engines. A well created Pay Per Click campaign can start driving traffic right away.
  7. More Cigar Shop Marketing is used for Video Submission: A custom intro/outro is created for each of the videos. The videos are then properly optimized and submitted to the most powerful 4 Video Submission sites over a predetermined period of time to provide consistent content.
  8. Search Engine Optimization Techniques are used for Images: Images need to be the right size or they will slow down your website. They also need to be correctly optimized so the search engine robots know what they are.
  9. The next cigar shop marketing step is to build out your Local Places Listings to 100%: This includes completely optimizing each of the 3 most powerful Places Listings on the Internet including adding correctly optimized videos, pictures, descriptions, properly chosen categories, etc that adhere to each listing company’s Terms of Service.
  10. Social Media Strategy Implemented: A social media strategy is put into place to effectively communicate with potential customers without hard-selling them in a social environment (one of the most common mistakes businesses make online)
  11. More manual Citations are built: We manually submit to additional Citation Sites that strengthen your online trust and also provide additional ways for customers to be directed to your site.
  12. A Review Strategy is Created and Put Into Place: We create for you a custom review sheet that guides customers through the exact steps (in less than 3 minutes) to leave you a review on the most powerful cigar shop marketing review sites.
  13. Email List Created: This allows emails to be sent out for Events, Promotions, Specials, etc and is one more way to build and strengthen relationships with customers.
  14. Cigar Shop Marketing Newsletter for your customers: This constantly keeps you on their mind and further establishes you as the go to cigar store in town!